Downtown Northampton

I was walking in Northampton, MA yesterday since it was so nice out and I enjoy walking in Northampton. I was taking some test pictures to make sure I had my setting correct and I got this shot of the main intersection in town. I edited it with one of my favorite vintage actions.


Foot Bridge

I took a couple of days off from work this week and while I was scouting possible locations for formal pictures for a friends’ wedding next month, I found this little foot bridge at a local park.

© 2012 Roslyn Margaret Photography

The background is a little light for my taste but I think it came out ok. I might do a little more editing. We’ll see.

Destiny Truth

Destiny Truth is the daughter of my beautiful friend, Heather. She’s just shy of 2 years old and one of the sweetest, funniest, feistiest little girls I know!

This was taken on Saturday while Heather and I were at a local March for Jesus. At this point, Des was ready to get out of her stroller and only minutes later, she was.

© 2012 Roslyn Margaret Photography

Isn’t she adorable?